Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The numbers have changed... And a layer of cheese has been added

My Bogglific rating dropped a few points, I think through decay but I'm not sure. I'm down to 1307.

However, I did just discover a new strategy for cheesing up my score. Examine the following scoring table as excerpted from the Facebook app:

Scoring key:

NP - not possible. Words you make have to be formed with letters that are next to each other on the grid. If you can form a snake between all the letters, the word is valid. Diagonals are allowed. A letter on the grid can only be used once in each word.
Dup - the word is good, but one of your opponents also got it. Sadly, this means you don't get any points for that word.
Dict - the word wasn't found in the Bogglific dictionary. No proper nouns are accepted -- that's basically any word that starts with a capital letter. If dictionary penalty was on for this game, you lose two points per word that doesn't exist.
DDup - the word is a Dup and also wasn't found in the dictionary. Luckily for you, you won't be penalised for having this word when dictionary penalty is on.
Dup, Dict, and DDup make sense. No scoring occurs with Dups, and entering a word that does not appear in the dictionary draws a penalty of -2 points.

However, NP makes no sense. It should be a penalty at least as severe as Dict because it encourages guessing without finding. It would have taken me longer to figure out except that I just finished a game that had a bunch of "s" letters on the board and I spent extra time with some of the longer words that contained multiple "s" letters (like "tasters" or "starters") to make sure that I didn't enter a valid but NP word by mistake.

Turns out I should have just entered a whole host of them (e.g., "tasters, starters, starers, tears, steers, rests," etc) rapid fire and moved on because there was a chance a bunch of them were there and I wouldn't incur any extra penalty over and above potential lost opportunity to find words in another section of the board.

I'll have to try out this strategy to see if it actually does pay off even though it feels very cheesy.

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