Monday, January 7, 2008

New Bogglific: 1383; Getting close to finishing Blue Dragon

So, the creator of Bogglific has laid some more stats on us. The newest feature is player ranking: I'm currently 2,342nd of 38,514. Not bad. But, I haven't played much in the last few days and I may end up getting penalized by decay. I've got 2 days until the next update.

I'm also getting close to the end of Blue Dragon. The game has its fair share of flaws, but really they are minor UI annoyances (well, sometimes they are major annoyances: like when trying to target spells on the correct friend or foe) and mostly related to frustration with what could have been. I have no idea whether a sequel is in the works, but I'd love to see another version of this game with a deeper and more enjoyable barrier/field combat system. I really felt limited by poor camera controls and I never experienced a really cool multiple Monster Fight interaction.

The biggest annoyance with the end game is that it kind of left me hanging. After guiding me by the nose for the first 40+ hours of gameplay, I was left to my own devices at the endgame which led to a couple of preventable slip ups:

  • I had no idea how to trigger the final boss battle. I tried to engage the "suspicious" looking area by conventional means, but needed to read in order to learn that I needed to fly into the hole instead of parking my ship and walking into it. Whoops.
  • I had a 50-50 chance of getting to the power-up base vs. the final dungeon as my first encounter. By choosing wrong (whoops?) it meant that I almost lost several hours of gameplay as there was no way to warp back to the power-up base when I needed to rest, save, and stock up. Thankfully again steered me in the right direction, and with some mildly painful backtracking I returned to proper end-game format.
I'm currently at the final boss battle (classic fight and re-fight a more powerful version of the final boss several times) and taking a break. I love the fact that I can time warp to a previous version of the game if I want to do more exploration and racking. I hope that this feature is available after I finish the final boss off as I'd like to see some of the additional sidequest content.

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