Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Febru-what? Where did January go?

Quick post, more to follow. Just need to jot down a few thoughts so that I have a writing agenda over the next few days.

  • I was accepted to speak at the Triangle Game Conference in April. I'm super excited about this, especially since I'm moving east to Baltimore. I need to get connected to the east coast game dev and publishing community. Also, the TGC has a nice mix of entertainment and serious games folks. I figure being located near DC and Virginia means that I should expand my practice accordingly.
  • I wrapped up my voting for the IGF competition and look forward to seeing who wins. I believe I'm under embargo from commenting on the games I reviewed publicly, but I'll share some thoughts when the winners were announced.
  • I have a pile of 2-3 articles I read recently that I'd like to comment on. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have no good way to track/remember print articles I read anymore. I figure jotting down some notes about them will help me in this regard.
  • Liza is playing a really cool game called: Dr. Something or Other (she can't remember the name right now). I started playing with her and I look forward to playing more and writing about it.
  • I finished the single player campaign for Dragon Age Origins and Modern Warfare 2. I thoroughly enjoyed both games for much different reasons.
  • I was also checking out Match Defense: Toy Soldiers (a Facebook game developed locally) and have some thoughts on it.
  • I'm about to check out Bioshock 2 in between packing boxes and doing some build reviews for clients. Of course, there's still AC2, Borderlands, God of War 3, and Mass Effect 2 waiting for me on the other end of the move. March is going to be super busy work and game-wise.
I'm super looking forward to our move next week. The house we put an offer in on goes to inspection on Friday and if that goes well then we should be in a new place the first week of March.

EDIT: We're in Maryland now. I've got a bunch of client work scheduled for the month and I'm falling ever further behind in my queue.

  • Darksiders
  • Demon's Souls
  • Heavy Rain