Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bogglific Redemption: 1366

The Bogglific stats have been updated and I'm up to 1366. This means I'm 34 hard earned points away from reaching the magic 1400 barrier. This barrier is significant in some ways because it means that I will no longer be able to join explicit "< 1400" games. However, in practice it is irrelevant as I haven't been wading in the kiddie pool.

I'm curious as to what the Bogglific creator is going to do re: advanced stats and leaderboards. Right now there is very limited functionality: I can only see the ratings of the top 50 players. What I (and I imagine many other competitive players) would like to see are better break downs in terms of:

  • Zeitgesty leaderboard comparison categories (e.g., against my friends; against neighbors; against other countries; hourly/daily/weekly/monthly leaders; etc).
  • Advanced stats breakdowns (e.g., won-loss head to head, vs. small groups, vs. larger groups; average point scores, number words guessed; etc).
Here's hoping!

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