Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Business of casual games, hockey, and Bogglific

I actually gave a presentation on the business of casual online games at work today in a brownbag. It was fun to prepare -- but also let me know how out of my element I am when it comes to uncovering reliable market research data on the internet. I think that the basic figures (in 2011 video game revenues will grow to a $47B, with online revenues accounting for a cool $13B of that total). Man, we spend a lot of money on games :)

After my hockey game I decided to chill out in front of Bogglific for a few matches before the ratings update tomorrow afternoon. I added about 20 games, mostly against higher rated players from overseas that were taking advantage of the time zone difference. I held my own and won my fair share, so hopefully I'll finally cross the 1400 hurdle and leave the < 1400 games behind.

Oh, and I needed to chill out after my hockey game: I managed to get two stupid penalties.

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