Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And like that (poof) it was gone...

So long, Bogglific... I hardly knew ya. I guess Scrabulous is next. I figured it was only a matter of time before Hasbro shut these sites down. Hopefully they'll publish full licensed versions as they're a great feature on Facebook.

I guess it's back to Zombies!

Here's the post from the Bogglific developer:

Bogglific to Close Down :-(

Hasbro, Inc. has sent a DMCA notification notice to Facebook regarding Bogglific. They claim it violates their trademark, and violates copyright over the Boggle rules.

I'm no lawyer, and can't see how it violates copyright. But I have neither the time nor the money to fight this, and Facebook has given me a grace period of 48 hours to shut the application down voluntarily. You might be interested to know Scrabulous is in the same boat, but they have the resources to fight their battle. Hopefully they will be successful.

Sorry, guys. It was great fun while it lasted. You're a fantastic bunch, and it's a pity that Hasbro doesn't realise that Bogglific helped its Boggle sales by introducing all your Facebook friends to the game, not hindered it. That is sadly how the litigious US works.

Note that the Bogglific forum will be deleted by Facebook, so you may wish to post further discussions to the Bogglific Addicts group (which is not run by me.) Your developer and friend,

Roger Nesbitt

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