Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I am humbled...

I may be one of the better Scrabble and Boggle players I know.

Today I was humbled on Bogglific. I only won 8 of my last 25 games, dropping my overall record to 33-36-1. I've fallen below .500.

A few things to consider:

  • Most games are between 3-5 people. Therefore a .500 record is nothing to be too ashamed of.
  • I can't tell the rating of the people I played against -- so I'm not sure whether my rating will increase or decrease (I should find out tomorrow). Hopefully I've been losing mostly to much better players.
That said, I really did get skunked a couple of games. One of the coolest things about gameplay on the Facebook (or any large social) platform is that you get glimpses into the long tail. Here I'm referring to a top echelon of players whose skills make a decent player (like myself) seem completely inadequate.

However, this has ironic (and unintended consequences). I now feel competitive and want to elevate my game by playing tougher opponents, learning from them, and improving my strategies. This means that I become less fun to play with to my various friends who are decent and want to twitter away time socially with me. This has already happened in Scrabulous and will probably occur on Bogglific at some point if my friends actually start playing.

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