Friday, November 2, 2007

Thank you, Sony, for the great core workout I'm about to enjoy

So I noticed today (Friday evening after a long week) that Sony does something very different in terms of how it expects customers to charge their wireless controllers.

It all seemed so simple:

  • PS3 is plugged into wall
  • Controller is plugged into PS3
  • Charging should occur.
Nope. The PS3 has to be turned ON for charging to occur. So, I'm left with a dead controller and a 4' long USB cable. I can't remember if my 360 requires power to charge because the issue has never come up. The controller holds a charge well -- and if I require charging while I play, the default cable assumes I have a living room setup (long cable).

What's up, Sony?

Anyhow, I dug out my Bosu ball and will now play from the floor.

At least tt'll be a decent core workout.

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