Wednesday, November 21, 2007

File for later: Investigate Mass Effect initial experience...

So, I've tried to keep myself in the dark as much as possible on Bioware's recently launched Mass Effect. Often I'll do this for big game and movie releases so I can enjoy the content without all the marketing fuss. I'll most likely be getting my copy in the next week or two.

Because I've been steering clear of most of the buzz, I haven't heard much about the game itself. The two data points I have are from a thread on a games-interest email alias at work and a Penny Arcade web comic.

A couple of my coworkers suggest that the game is somewhat impenetrable (doesn't teach you how to do basic things in-game, requires you to use the manual) but fun.

The Penny Arcade comic kind of speaks for itself.

I'm curious to see what approaches Bioware used with this title to make sure it was accessible and entertaining from the first moment of gameplay.

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