Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh, baby... 10,000 points + 1 Bingo (at the same time)

Just received the "Fight the power" achievement in The Simpsons Game to take me to exactly 10,o00 gamer points... And while I was waiting for a cut scene to finish I played a bingo in a Scrabulous game (which will likely end in my 20th or 21st victory to zero losses).

Now off to hockey. Thoughts on the initial experience will have to wait. Well... A few brief comments follow:

  • Excellent use of IP in a game. Wow. The writing is amazing and the cut scenes all seem like actual episodes from the tv series. The voice acting adds so much to the game (as do the many throw away comments).
  • I love the cliche gag (where Comic Book Guy comes out and makes fun of a gaming cliche -- like double jump, breaking crates, etc). It never gets old.
  • Best... Achievement... Ever. Press Start Button (5 points).
  • The tutorial/learn as you play was pretty decent. Good layering on of core controls, including camera. I don't generally like it when the tutorial has "taunts" in it (because if you're struggling in the tutorial it's usually the fault of the tutorial and not the player) but it kind of works consistently with the Simpsons universe.

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