Thursday, August 6, 2009

30 in 30 updates...

This isn't the Day 6 update (that follows later). But I need to organize some of my thoughts as I'll be on the road for several days working long hours on games I can't talk about. This means I need to be efficient in both my gaming and writing this Fri -> Tues.

I'll also need to plan ahead for the following week as I'll be on the road for a week long trip back east. Luckily that trip will be a little more slow-paced, so I should have plenty of time to game and write.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like my Gamefly requests will arrive by the end of day today, so I won't have them available for this trip. I've queued up: Chrono Trigger and GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS. I still have a few DS games I've borrowed for the trip, so I should be fine.

It looks like my options for the next few days are:
  • Puzzle Bloom. An indie Flash game that I know nothing about, but caught wind of via either the blogosphere or twittersphere.
  • Gamestop's new casual games portal. I've talked about Steam and the casual games portal in the past.
  • Kodu Game Lab. I'll probably post a bit about this later. I think I might dedicate my September gaming and blogging to exploring this deeper (more about this in my Day 6 update).
  • Various DS games that I'll bring with me on the plane.
This should be enough to get me through the next few busy days.

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