Thursday, August 13, 2009

30 for 30 update: New plan of attack

So, I just finished Professor Layton (great puzzles, decent pixel hunt, bizarre story) and have received a couple of new DS games just in time for my trip out east.

I also played the trial version of Trials HD, the XBLA motorcycle physics game. There's something about physics games that have horrific and gory death sequences that Liza, my wife, loves and can't get enough of. She laughed hysterically through both N+ (which she also played with me) and the Trials demo. I'll post some thoughts on Trials in a later post, and I'll probably pick it up even at 1200 points (ouch!)

I've also tagged the PAX 10 list of games as candidates for my 30 for 30. Puzzle Bloom was already on my list, so now there are a few more.

I also had a quick look at the newest update of XBL and learned of a community update/facelift/overhaul over at Big Fish Games, so I might add these to my 30 in 30 list as well.

It's now Aug 13th and I've only got 7 days worth of reviews. I feel like I need to solve for a puzzle in Professor Layton by estimating "at two games and write-ups per day, how many days will it take Jason to get back on track?"
EDIT: A couple of additions
  • New Games for Windows Update: I've talked about the Xbox side of things for a while, but I should also investigate the PC version.
  • Some games at Intuition Games. Not sure what they're all about, but I'm curious. I played about 30 seconds of a typing-based car chase game...

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