Monday, October 29, 2007

So long, Warbook...

So, I tried to wean myself off of Warbook for a few days to rack up some gold and make some big decisions.

I bought a bunch of troops, but still didn't feel very powerful or strategic because it still seemed like my only viable option was to avoid similar-sized opponents and wreak havoc on smaller opponents.

Then I left for a week, expecting to come back to even more gold... Instead I was greeted by the attached screenie. I don't care so much about the fact that my empire has shrunk and my gold count is incredibly low. What I care about is that I have no way to figure out *how* this all happened. Normally there is a log of recent attack activity (if other rulers have been ganging up on you). But I received no such information.

I think I'm done with Warbook for now. I can see how it appeals to folks who like to try and reverse engineer the spreadsheets behind it -- and by checking out the forums you can see that there are many passionate fans of the game. I guess I just like a little more transparency for a game that I expect to twitter away on (i.e., a Facebook App).

I look forward to checking out other games the Warbook team is working on.

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