Thursday, October 25, 2007

Memorable credits sequences

I keep singing the lyrics (that I can remember) from Still Alive, the credit song that you hear at the end of Portal. What an awesome bit of icing on an already delicious (and moist) cake.

I was reflecting on the beauty of this song with two of my friends who have composed credits songs for the "Rise of..." series of PC RTS games. They were kind enough to let me "produce" a couple of these songs . There is something so satisfying when you complete an awesome game and are given the bonus reward of a credits song (and visual sequence) that ties the experience all together.

Some memorable credits sequences that I can think of:

  • Portal (which is what got me thinking about this post)
  • Call of Duty (just loved watching the guys running through world doing entertaining things, but viewed from a different camera perspective than the core gameplay camera)
  • Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots; Rise of Legends (because I helped produce them -- though all credit should go to Ike and Ted for their brilliant writing, singing, and playing)
I'm not sure what to think of the new trend of credits where they play out in an opening title sequence like in the movies. I've seen a bunch of examples of this recently, but Halflife 2 comes to mind as a recent example. If it suits the game (there is a cool and useful opening sequence) then I think it makes sense and can add a nice level of polish to the gaming experience.

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