Tuesday, October 30, 2007

November to remember

So the end of October has been spent largely fussing over Liza, my awesome girlfriend. Between a nine months celebration, an aunt's 50th wedding anniversary, and her birthday (costume party on Oct 31st), it's been a fun and engaging and... well... not very gaming intensive period of time.

Normally a short hiatus like this wouldn't be such a problem. But, the days are getting shorter (which means my living room is darker longer -- a non-trivial concern given my reliance on an LCD projector for my gaming goodness) and the new releases are piling up as the holiday season is upon us.

I've decided to make this November (the month of my birthday) 30 days of game-filled celebration. The concrete goal is for me to make at least one substantive post per day for 30 days. This means I need to have fresh content -- in the form of happy games.

We'll see how it goes. I think if I manage to make a serious dent in my "Games on my radar" list and iterate twice through my Gamefly.com holdings (i.e., 1 rented title/week x 4 weeks) I should have more than enough to talk about.

I relish the challenge.

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