Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Movers & Shakers...

I've updated my game categories on the right.

Games on my radar: This stays the same as before (games I want to play, but don't yet own -- usually because they haven't been released yet, but sometimes due to backlog issues).

  • Added: Jericho, Eternal Sonata, Darkness (after checking my Gamefly.com Q top 5); E4 -- the new XBLA game that folks are talking about.
Games I'm done with: I've either completed these games to my satisfaction, stopped playing due to lack of interest, or stopped playing because there are simply too many other things I need to play.
  • Added: Habbo Hotel (Web), Portal.swf (Flash App).
    • I'm done with Habbo Hotel for several reasons. Mostly because it appeals to teens (and probably people interested in teens for all the wrong reasons). Simply put, it's not fun for me to play. I still do want to do some research on this huge MMO that is helping define the social online experiences of our youth -- and setting their expectations of what the next round of Facebooks, Myspaces, and MMO games will look like. But, I can't justify the time right now.
    • Portal.swf was fun -- and in many ways helped make Portal (Orange Box) much more accessible because I got to play with some of the key mechanics, albeit in a 2-d sidescroller space. My one basic complaint was that the nature of the application (flash app in a browser window) made the controls a little flaky when performance suffered or when trying to do some precision aiming while the mouse was near the edge of the screen.
Games I'm actively playing: I broke out the "Games I'm playing" into this category and the "Games I'm trying to play (but don't have enough time)". It gives a better sense of what I'm actually playing on a day-to-day basis and what games are kind of gathering dust as I wish for more hours in the day (or a 3 day work week).
  • Added: Orange Box (moving from Portal to Half Life 2), Scrabulous (looking for new opponents), and Puzzle Quest (just started, can see myself spending a bunch of time here even though the gameshell UI can be a little annoying).
Games I'm trying to play (but don't have enough time): Here lie the games that I haven't yet given up on, but am unable to play due to time constraints.
  • Added: Resistance: Fall of Man (I'm an Insomniac fan boy -- I actually bought a PS2 and traded for a PS3 so I can play the Ratchet & Clank series; but this game still did not capture my interest after a couple hours of play), Carcasonne (victim of Puzzle Quest -- and the fact that I captured all the low hanging achievement fruit), Warbook (see my earlier posts), Overlord (Orange Box and the soon to arrive Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction), Halo 3 (same as Resistance: It hasn't captured my interest after a couple of hours of gameplay).

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