Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Demo

It was pretty fun. The pacing was great and it was a pretty darn tight experience. The combat was fun and ramped up in complexity in a very user-friendly way, I love Jack Black's voice acting, and the world was fun enough to explore.

It did present a number of tutorial billboards along the way, but they didn't seem as annoying in this game as they do in others. Part of this is due to length (they were brief), production value (they were entertainingly voice acted), pacing (there was game play in between each one), contextual relevance (you were taught something just before you had to use it), and good mixture of mandatory and optional billboards (so you could skip non-essential ones if you wanted to).

I'll need to go back and analyze it further, but it really felt like a fun roller coaster ride. I added it to my Gamefly Q and look forward to playing through it.

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