Friday, April 4, 2008

Received my Dualshock 3 today...

I'm dedicating this weekend to setting up my new place -- especially my office/gaming/viewing room. I can't wait to be settled, gaming, and blogging at my usual pace.

Today the Sony Dualshock 3 arrived. I'll have to re-rent Resistance: Fall of Man to give it one last try. Maybe the third try with a meaty, vibraty controller will be the charm? In the meantime I do have God of War 2 at home, waiting to be played and returned to Gamefly. Maybe I'll try some of that this weekend instead of returning to The Darkness (which, as of my last post, had started to pick up).

I sincerely hope that the Dualshock 3 does for the PS3 what Akibono/Controller-S solution did for the Xbox. Say goodbye and good riddance to the Duke and the 6 axis controller.

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