Monday, April 7, 2008

You have to burn the rope...

Yes, the little internet meme game You have to burn the rope has crossed my PC. Well, interestingly, it did not work on my personal lap top (and crashed my browser) but it ran fine on my computer at work.

Of interest, to me, was the learn-as-you-play feature that was incorporated into the game. It was partially like some of the annoying "tutorial by billboard" designs found in games and demos (the game pauses several times in the first few minutes to tell you make you read non-context relevant hints) and partially like what OneNote 2007 does in terms of providing a default "tutorial" document that is prepopulated with helpful text and data that suggest hints about some of the cooler features worth trying out.

Unfortunately the "game" felt much more like a productivity application in that by simply following the text directions I was able to complete the task. There was no real joy of discovery nor was I provided with additional content that would reward me from using my newly mastered skill and knowledge by applying them in different contexts.

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