Saturday, March 29, 2008

Whoa... The Darkness punched me in the gut in just the right way

So, I was meandering through The Darkness and was unsure whether I would keep playing. I really liked the demo and heard good things from a friend. But I just wasn't getting into the core game play (shoot out the lights, use your powers in the dark).

Then I entered the blown up orphanage. What an awesome sequence.

Cool ghost apparitions that helped narrate the back story in ways that were compelling and involving enough to make me watch even though I didn't really need to.

And then the sequence where the darkness took over and forced me to watch a rather difficult scene -- the death of my childhood girlfriend -- and then, via a mirror, my own suicide. Let's just say that I was hooked on the story.

It reminded me very much of Planescape: Torment in that this was my character's memory of the first time he died. In other words, dying many deaths is part of this game and of who my character is. He started off dying in the opening credits sequence and has died again at the conclusion of the first act.

I was just left at the beginning of the grisly second act (more executions) and I can't wait to figure out what comes next.

Update: Even better. I spawned into a WWI trench. The soldiers are all reanimated (and won't finally die until you eat their hearts, unlike in the modern world). It reminds me a bit of Eternal Darkness where you play different time periods in the same game as the same character.

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