Monday, March 3, 2008

The LinkedIn game

Most of my gaming over the past week has been of the Scramble and Scrabulous variety. While I'm dominating in the former, I've found some serious competition in the latter.

I also explored some of the new features on LinkedIn. Specifically, they added a mini-feed that is very similar to the mini-feed on Facebook. I reckoned that I'd used the Facebook mini-feed to troll for Scramble and Scrabulous partners, so why not do the same thing to connect with friends that I'm LinkedIn with.

Obviously this is a professional social network, so I didn't want to embarrass myself or my colleagues who might not want to be called out in that kind of forum.

So, I posted to my feed: "Jason is waiting to hear back from Brian" (I forget the actual wording, but it was fairly innocuous and reasonably ambiguous -- I know several Brians). Of course, I did this knowing that the Brian in question was a huge LinkedIn player (lots of connections, posts on the forums, etc) and figured that even though the mini-feed was a new feature that he'd probably notice and respond.

Monday morning at 9AM I received an email from Brian. He thought it was hilarious and wanted to figure out how to set his own status.

Ah, social network gaming.

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