Friday, February 6, 2009

Tweaks to the blog...

I've been spending a bunch of time over the past few days twiddling with this site. Mostly I've been fiddling with widgets and trying to integrate my Twitter feed.

I decided to try a new name for now, as well. I like "Think - Play - Write" for its directness. "Jackalshorns" keeps it fun (and ties it into my online gaming presences)

For fun I looked up some possible latin translations (a sort of equivalent to the classic "veni, vidi, vici" or "cogito ergo sum"). I made some fairly entertaining discoveries regarding the word "play".

Some translations
  • Ludo - "To Play" (the most literal translation)
  • Desipio -- "To Act Foolishly / To Play the Fool / To Make an Ass of One's Self" (this could easily describe some of my gaming experiences)
  • Ineptio -- "To Play the Fool / To Trifle" (kind of interesting and funny at the same time)
  • Lascivio -- "To Run Riot, Play, Be Wanton" (oh, yeah!)
I almost went with Desipio - Cogito - Perscribo as it works on multiple levels, but thought it might be too meta.

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