Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Beautiful Katamari

I'm starting to garner some achievement points and generate larger katamari so the game is getting more fun. At the same time there are just some fundamental flaws in the game that are getting to me:

  • The derisive King. Why does he always have to belittle me? Yes, at some point I might get really powerful and be able to teach him a lesson... But really, does the antagonism need to start right from the beginning when I'm just trying to learn the game?
  • I think that the level designs are more complex than in the first version. This means that often I am bumping into things I don't want (if I want cold items and I bump into hot ones) or I am fighting my camera as I try to navigate out of a corner.
  • Dialog (that I need to interact with to progress; that blocks part of the screen) keeps interrupting game play. Why the game doesn't pause to let me listen to key plot lines, I don't know. Moreover, there is no good way for me to pay the requisite amount of attention to the warnings and other notifications that go on while I play. The game is simply too tense and chaotic to listen and pay attention to text placards.

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