Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Finished (but not finished with) Beautiful Katamari

I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed with Beautiful Katamari. I so wanted to have a game that my girlfriend and I could get into together, but its utter disdain for the casual player was infuriating.

While the 3d game shell was pleasing (I love the parade and dancing features) it was impenetrable to my girlfriend. While it was cool to have many cousins, it was unclear what game play impact they played. While the core game play was enjoyable, it was constantly interrupted by camera/control flaws and annoying (and insulting) popup dialogs.

And, after beating the game, why can't all "eternal mode" be unlocked for all the game levels so my girlfriend and I can play the content in peace?

I think I'll probably try and cheese out a couple of more achievements (and unlock at least one "eternal mode") and then return to the rest of my queue.

Achievements I still want:

  • 80% Collection (I'm so close): 40 points
  • Katamari Perfectionist: 100 points
  • Online Roller: 5 points (may cheese out some more online ones if they're easy)
  • Non-Stop Roller: 30 points
  • Responsible Roller: 30 points
  • Maybe I'll find some more cousins and prizes

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