Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bogglific is to crack what Scrabulous is to cocaine

So I no longer allow myself to play Griddle. It was simply too addictive.

Sadly, Bogglific is probably going to ride me just as hard as Griddle did -- and be equally difficult to drop.

I've discovered the joy of competitive play through matchmaking. Of course, I knew this feature already existed by preferred not to try it in favor of a more single player -- or play amongst friends -- experience.

How has this come to pass? Well there are a few reasons:

  • My friends have slowed down their Scrabulous activity (and Bogglific still has yet to catch on). Therefore I'm missing out on competitive play.
  • Even though the matchmaking isn't great (yet) on Bogglific, the games are short and sweet enough that you never feel like you wasted time losing to an obviously superior player.
  • There are new strategies to uncover and equations to solve because of the way that matches are made and scoring is done.
    • No longer do you have a controlled two person asynchronous experience. You have an experience where anywhere between 2 and 5-6 players with varying skill levels participate.
    • Penalties for guessing wrong cancel out precious, precious points.
    • Uniqueness now has a premium as duplicates are canceled.
All of these changes have made the game fresh, challenging, and exciting.

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