Tuesday, May 29, 2018

You got your Scrabble in my Crossword... Like PB & Chocolate.

Starting May 1, 2017 I began playing the NYT mini and daily crossword puzzles on their mobile app.

It's amazing how much better I have become that has long been an empty slot in my repertoire of competitive word gaming.

But, I was getting bored of online Scrabble (WWF) and needed a new challenge.

I tried them years ago, but could never get into them. I sucked at them. I didn't understand the patterns. Hadn't been exposed to the social aspects. And basically didn't give them a fair shake.

Also, it helps to have a quiet pastime for when I'm in bed and everyone else is asleep :)

Well, now the circle is complete. My WWF app sits untapped and unloved. The only place Scrabble now appears is as a series of cleverly arranged clues on today's NYT daily puzzle.

Time to solve: 14m. Not bad for a Wednesday themed challenge.

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