Friday, February 6, 2015

So... I had kids. And "updating my gaming PC!"

Last post was September, 2010.


  • Zynga imploded (left days before they shut our doors in Baltimore)
  • Disney Mobile Austin/Prague imploded (first time in an almost 15 year career I was part of a layoff)
  • I'm back to consulting!
Oh, and also I managed to have two kids. Boys, now aged 4 and (almost) 3. I've been busy and both gaming and writing habits have changed.

But more on all that later.


Now that I'm consulting I actually have more time to play games, so I plan to write more about my gaming. And now that I have non-mobile game clients, that means I need to dust off the old machines and probably buy some new ones.
  • Got the Wii U for me and the kids. That is one complicated mofo to setup. Thankfully I have two toddlers who seem to figure it out with few problems whatsoever. I love to listen to them discussing the best way to navigate the game shell or in-game menus. I'm proud when they figure out how to set up the projector, video splitter box, and Wii so that they can have it all ready for me to join them mid-session. And I cringe when the older one slams a controller over the head of the younger one for stealing his power up. Let's just say I have a LOT more content to draw from now than ever before :)
  • Tried to revamp the gaming PC (purchased in 2008 to support my work on Kingdoms of Amalur) so that it could run some newer code for a PC gaming client of mine. Meant getting a new video card (obviously) but figured I'd also upgrade from 32 to 64 bit to better support the build process. I'll post about THAT process in a separate entry... I'd forgotten how frustrating and exhilarating it was to upgrade a PC. 

The plan is for me to actually spend time writing again. Look forward to new games, new experiences with my kids, and working with friends on games. 

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