Monday, July 13, 2009

Blast from the past... Rise of Nations in the news

I just had the following link forwarded to me: RiseOfNations.

It brings back fond memories of working on RON. The team was awesome (so awesome that they persuaded me to leave Microsoft to join them as a producer after RON shipped) and the game was well reviewed and sold pretty well.

As I get older and think about having kids of my own I find myself sometimes daydreaming about how to incorporate games into my future child rearing activities. Not just as a babysitter (we don't have a T.V.), but as a medium that can help kids explore social and intellectual boundaries in an entertaining and engaging way.

As I get older, I also get more forgetful... I thought there was a previous study showing similar findings. Turns out it was the same study, but just reported in December of last year.

I guess I need to start playing more games.

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Unknown said...

Jason, first things first ... RON is an awesome game (I still play it!!). You have my respect and utmost admiration.

Secondly, the engaging media you are talking about ... are'nt they known as book? :-) There is such a vast source of knowledge in books ... somewhere I feel we have lost in touch with them. My cousins who are in their teens, they play games, they study ... but they do not read books. And that is sad. What are your thoughts?