Friday, June 26, 2009

I am now an official "Seattle Game Lifestyle Examiner"

I'm not saying that the bar was exceptionally high.

I'm not saying that I'm going to set the world on fire with my posts.

But, I've now got another venue for my writing.

Play-Think-Write will continue to by my blog of choice to reflect on my own gaming experiences. My blog will be my chance to get out there in the real world and get dirty. To observe and report what "gamers" are up to and what makes them tick.

In my first post I talk about how I'm going to try and get a deeper understanding of 'gamers who don't really consider themselves "gamers"'. You know. Your parents and grand parents. Your hairdresser. The barrista at the coffee shop. Folks who might not know Pikmin from Pokemon, but who still enjoy games.

Want to learn more? Check it out today, or wait a week or so until I have an interview or two posted.

1 comment:

Nels Anderson said...

Nice, that's killer! The Examiner is one of the few physical newspaper I can stand reading on occasion, awesome you'll be broadening the games coverage.