Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update from the road: Games I worked on, games I'm looking forward to

I'm currently on the road working on stuff that I can't talk about...

But, I can at least mention that Ninja Blade hit the shelves last week. I'm credited as a lead external producer and mostly provided production, combat design, and usability feedback. Working with FROM Software was an awesome experience: They are a talented and hard working studio and a fun development/publisher partner. I look forward to working on more of their games.

And, I can also give a "shout out" to my homies at Big Huge Games, now that the details of their RPG have been made public. I provide them with usability feedback on controls, combat, and various other systems that touch the user experience. They are really fun to work with and are committed to making awesome games.

As far as new games hitting the marketplace, I'm pretty excited about:
  • New Left 4 Dead DLC. I'm assuming that this will add even more cool ways to enjoy one of my fave co-op experiences of the year.
  • Lode Runner 3d for XBLA. I played a demo at GDC and had a blast. I have a feeling there will be a few usability/readability issues due to the visual upgrades, and of course there's always the fact that the Xbox controller has no good digital stick or d-pad... But I'm still excited.
Notes to follow.

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