Sunday, August 3, 2008

More XBLA Demo Content...

I also played a few demos. Notes to follow (I can't remember the names of the games) and I'll add 'em to my evaluation list.

There was:

  • A fish photography game... that seemed like it would be the perfect free/cheap game. $10 seemed like too much for it.
  • A breakdancing rhythm/puzzle game... that seemed cool and was strangely addictive, but fell flat in terms of controls and feedback.
  • A new version of Geometry Wars... where you didn't get to test out any of the new game play modes.
Bottom line: There are pluses and minuses to learn from each one. It's a shame that they're all $10 instead of $5. I have to believe that I'd be buying a bunch more games at $5/pop.

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